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Fidget Cube Relief Anxiety Stress not be tired, this time will not be late, and you Returning to the palace to recuperate. Liu Jingjing smile, the mother of a boxing heart of love, daughter in fidget cube relief anxiety stress mind grateful, so, daughter will retire. She took a piece of suet from the waist jade, with a smile to the Department of Shen Tang, This piece of jade is my usual wear, and I see this dress with my sister is very good, my sister Mo to decline, can be considered my little mind It. For a time, Kun and the palace of the main hall will be only a nephew three, the Queen Mother in front of Shen Zi Yu sighed, a small four, you are good, that is too eager some, even if the emperor is not the emperor s heart, I will punish you forbidden ten days, copy the book ten volumes, go back and give me a good think clearly Hand Chapter 177 of the pro Shen Ziyu Zhang mouth, but in the end due to the power and influence of the Queen Mother, will want to distinguish the words are swallowed in, she respectfully led his life, but also some to Shen Tong made a speech, this maid in the arch Under the Kun and the palace. Queen Mother looked at her back, slightly shook his head, she turned to the Shen Tang s hand tightened a little more, If you had promised that I would have been able to enjoy Qing Fu, why should grasp With this harem af.the country for her grandson who is pro door, and I will you last said That pass, verbatim back to the public security of the country who said she also knows you are in demand, so I did not expect to be able to immediately say you back, so the old Houye s filial piety, she sent to For the wedding posts, just want you to her grandchildren into a Wai, there is a chance to be selected. She saw Shen Tong fidget cube looking micro condensate, for meditation like, not help laughing, Tut tut, I heard that you and the Yung son, or childhood met acquaintance of childhood, how, if you see people, I Ye Hao To the public security people who a quasi letter, so happy for her elderly. Shen Tang lightly shook his head, tranquil smile, Tang Tong children have long been the heart, but not the son of the princess, Princess next time to see if the public security of the country who may wish for an excuse to refuse Tang children off fidget cube relief anxiety stress She, let Mo Rongrong child because Tang Er and delayed life, it fidget cube relief anxiety stress is not good. Rongfu heard this, his eyes immediately released the light to her face filled with curiosity and excitement, hurriedly asked, You have a heart This is when things How do I never heard you talk about Hey, strange, usually you met a man is very limited, how I never found you and which one from the intimacy.

and uncle as cruel To kill No, it will not But she was constantly so psychological construction, but the suspect is like grass in fidget cube White-blue her heart gave birth to a root, a wind on the crazy, she can not wait to immediately rushed to the cloud state, a good question to ask Uncle Yung s How things like, why uncle would die so tragic. At this time, Shen Tang suddenly heard outside the house from the movement, Campanulaceae loudly said, Please go to Mrs Qin, Comin so early to see the old lady ah. Qin asked sternly, Why do you sound so big, is to scare to the old lady is not I ask fidget cube relief anxiety stress you, who had just been Campanulaceae busy answer, is the slaves is not. Sanye and Missy had just been. Qin some hesitation, Sanye come here fidget cube relief anxiety stress to do Campanulaceae shook his head, Sanye and Missy in the house to speak, slaves can not come forward eavesdropping. Qin quenched a cry, useless things, well, you and that a few little girl at the door guarding, I went to see the old lady alone, with her a few words will come out. Shen Tong heard the footsteps of the more recent, put the house micro whole, and then erected, to the back of the bed behind the screen a hidden, through the narrow gap, she touches the bedside movement can be seen clearly, But if others do not open the bead curtain, is determined to see her. Qin i.and mentally fatigued, it thoroughly To fall ill. Yongningbubu Zi Shen Zi Yan Department got the news, they personally went to the Anyuan Houfu trip, she was not expected to Shen Jiachou outside Yang, Qin s scandal is to cover up, so not only not ashamed, but the aggressive geological question Rong Why should Fu imprison Qin. Rongfu unselfish is not the swallow of the Lord, met with Yong Ningbo that arrogant wife, apart from anything else, immediately pull the whip from his waist, pumping up, and then coldly ordered to wait around the old lady, Yongning Bo Lady threw out the Hou House. Mrs. Yongning Po was injured face, was thrown into the street, it is simply shame disgrace, how can we be willing But Rongfu has always been sturdy, the Queen Mother and refused to see the sick, she thought to want to go, then only Queen Empress call the shots, so busy handed the posts to the palace to see, maiden to Queen Empress bad mood, see all Did not fidget cube relief anxiety stress fidget cube relief anxiety stress see, then refused, and she was momentary, in front of the palace will be faint. Yongning Bo heard the news, and no soft words to comfort, but rather a slap in the face, You will be a fool, Yuru things let you intervene This will hurt the face does not say, hand, The Mrs. Yongning Bo tears still hanging eyes, said unconvinced, Yu soft situation.s still closed, they Where to get food The western suburbs of the southern suburbs and the northern suburbs, although all have their own farm, the capital of the government there is also within the grain, but these materials than an army chewing used to some too late, at most, will be able to support one or two months only , Do Heng Wang would just like to this two months, take a seat to sit over the throne when the emperor s addiction is not a head He shook his fidget cube relief anxiety stress head and said, This is not a closed city of the law, but the law of failure, Heng Wang would not think of this He poised to come, how can this self destruction of things There are weird Shen Tang thought, looking suddenly worsened, she asked in horror, Could it be Heng Wang s intention is, if not a king, they have to massacre Jingyang Wang silent side of the sigh, said, There are surplus grain palace, there are leading to the outside of the secret road, the king wanted to come to know this, so he has nothing to fear.Persistent, The hardships are those who have been closed door of the clan, as well as the civilian population. He said, the capital easily defensible, if we are hard to come, the damage can only be us, the city sergeant who can almost unscathed.Therefore, we still listen to Tong children a word, wait.

Fidget Cube Relief Anxiety Stress s study next door, The idea, but added willing to stay. Zhao Yu know this, quite a little angry, he angrily authentic, Let two people live in a good end, and added to an outsider side, this is really Is there any reason for this Shen Rong smile to comfort him, Jiang Rongrong has a saying is right, the elderly give, can not, since the sale of deeds have given us this Jiangrong Rong will be retreated, but another word, soldiers to the retaining water to flooded, Will count on the meter, see the Princess insisted on her to us, in the end is what She thought for fidget cube relief anxiety stress a moment and said, But the courtyard more than a personal fills, which Xinfei homes can be big, what tight I do not believe, where she can pull out any tricks. Shen Tang is a medicine Shengchuan Ren, if Jiang Rongrong want to move what drugs on the hands and feet, it will only ask for it, not to worry about chun drug du drug mi drug hazards, with careful cautious Wenxiu Martial arts and high strength Bi Sheng, there are the universe are pre eminent Hongyan know, so close Xin Philippines Institute, Jiang Rongrong even if there is nothing tricky nowhere to display. Zhao Yu suddenly said, can fidget cube relief anxiety stress not let her get a face sores disease, can only be kept in the house, do not have to come fidget cube online out blind swinging it Shen TANG shook h.d you in the House, then again to see you.How, A feel now become Jin Gui from, is I see not Rong Jue He He laughed, and her two welcome into the main hall. fidget cube relief anxiety stress Table tea bowl left two, there is a slight heat, that naturally come to avoid Yunzhou up. Shen Tong smile and Rongjue narrative, Jin Yuxuan seems to be some timid, and not as Shen Tang as the expression of vivid, endless, but still be able to occasionally plug in the gap in the conversation one or two mouth , Compared to the maid servant is not much better on the uncomfortable. I do not know how long fidget cube relief anxiety stress to talk about, fidget cube relief anxiety stress will be out of old things are ramble over again, when talking about Earned when the Shen Tang suddenly said, listen for a long time did not feel A feel unknowingly actually said so much. A feel there is a guest, will not delay you, right Rong Jue s face flashed imperceptible embarrassment, but he is a good cover, at least Jinyu Xuan can not tell he had embarrassed, he said with a smile, is a cloud state of friends, to the capital expedition, not yet To find Zhaizi, originally to live in the inn, but I have not seen him for several days, there are good words to ask him, then pull him to live with me. As soon as the voice was heard, a low voice came from the inner room, A feel, since the owner asked, I should come o.

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